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Geographic Solutions has developed the Career Explorer, a suite of career assessment tools within Virtual OneStop 6.0 that allows users to match their personal abilities, characteristics, and values with occupations that are best suited to these qualities. The Career Explorer helps users focus their career search activities on the occupations that will provide them with long-term satisfaction and fulfillment.

The Career Explorer self-assessment tools reveal important pieces of information to individuals who are exploring careers, such as:

  • What is important to them in the world of work
  • What work tasks they can do well
  • What activities they like to do

Once the individual has completed a self-assessment, they receive a score report they can use to match their results to occupations that have been linked to the assessment information.

The Career Explorer includes self-assessment tools that measure an individual's vocational interests and work values. It also includes interactive functions that allow users to match their workplace and personal skills to related occupations.

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