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Over 100 Geographic Solutions customers attended our second annual User Conference on Clearwater Beach. "Integrating Workforce Development Systems in the 21st Century" was the theme of this years conference and our keynote speaker from Region 3 Department of Labor previewed WIA Reauthorization, Common Measures and EMILE for us.

Customers from 22 states attended sessions featuring nationally recognized speakers from our customer and partner organizations that included "LMI: the Latest and Greatest," to innovative youth programs in DC, workforce readiness certificates in Virginia, One Stop Certification and more. Technical presentations featured ALMIS 2.3, InfoUSA, and new scanning technology for tracking client participation. VOS Version 7.0 and its newest features were featured — especially job spidering and changes to make the system common measures ready. Of course, we had round table sessions for LMI users and to discuss enhancements for the future.

New this year were "brown bag lunch" work sessions which allowed small groups of customers to discuss topics of common interest with each other or attend in depth sessions with Geographic Solutions staff on topics like Content Publisher and Reporting.

A pre-conference training session focused on new tools available to job seekers, employers, and staff in Virtual OneStop Version 7.0.

Feedback was great from our speaker, our attendees, and our staff. The conference provided a great opportunity to learn from each other.

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