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Second Chance Month Promotes the Safe and Successful Return of Offenders to the Workforce

Each April, the United States observes National Second Chance Month. Launched in 2017 by the Prison Fellowship to raise awareness for the stigma associated with a criminal conviction, the effort is meant to raise awareness and improve perception of people with criminal records, encourage second-chance opportunities, and drive momentum for policy change.

For a fresh perspective on what this month means, we interviewed Lifeline Inmate Services' CEO and Founder, Robert Forte. Having served two prison sentences, Robert shared details about his upbringing, time in prison, and reentry initiative contributions post release.

"Robert and I connected after a meeting of the San Diego Reentry Roundtable," said Richard Boone, Geographic Solutions' Business Development Representative for the Corrections Industry. "When I heard his story, that he himself is formerly incarcerated and now works to assist those reentering society, I was so impressed that I asked Robert if we could conduct an interview to commemorate National Second Chance Month."   

The Prison Fellowship works to restore America's criminal justice system and those it affects. They help men and women replace the cycle of recidivism that leads to extended and repeated stays in jail or prison.

In March, President Joe Biden made a proclamation about the yearly calendar observance. In his decree, he stated that America's criminal justice system must offer meaningful opportunities for redemption and rehabilitation. President Biden offered his commitment to a holistic approach to building safe and healthy communities that invest in reduced incarceration through reentry programs.

Watch the first segment of Robert's interview by clicking below.

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