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Tampa Bay Tech’s Software CEO Council Kicks Off 2021 with Roundtable and Commitment to Local Charity

Last month, Tampa Bay Tech’s Software CEO Council (TBSC) met to discuss the ongoing issues so many CEOs are experiencing, including the safe return to work-spaces and the challenges of continuing to attract, recruit and retain top tech talent.

Hosted by Tampa Bay Tech, TBSC meets quarterly to discuss business challenges in a confidential, CEO-only environment. In their last virtual gathering the group discussed regional challenges and talked about ideas to attract more skilled talent to the area. They also discussed benefits of, and ways to, raise awareness of the concentration of cyber technology and IT integrators in our region. An integral part of the group’s charter is an annual commitment to support a local charity, and at this meeting Computer Mentors was selected.

Jack Berlin, CEO of Accusoft, said, “Our primary group goal is to raise awareness about software technology success in the Tampa Bay area, but as individuals we also benefit from shared learning and strengthened connections with our peers.”

“The commitment of these leaders to lean on, challenge and support one another absolutely embodies our mission of building a radically connected tech community, and they are the leaders working to build Tampa Bay’s thriving tech hub," echoed Jill St. Thomas, Executive Director of Tampa Bay Tech.

In attendance at the Q1 roundtable:

Daniel Collins, 360 Advanced

Scott Price, A-LIGN

Jack Berlin, Accusoft

Shamus Hines, Applied Data Corp

Charlotte Baker, Digital Hands

Dan Gaertner, DocuPhase

Ed Holmes, FairWarning

Paul Toomey, Geographic Solutions

Chris Karlo, MercuryWorks

Greg Ross Munro, Source Toad

Seng Sun, Sunview Software

Doug Sullinger, Vendita

Randall VanAllen, Madison Cloud

For more information about TBSC, visit the group’s website at:

This article was originally published on on March 19, 2021, 2:29 PM.

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