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Evan Brenner
Evan Brenner
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More than 600 online job and career tools were reviewed in the Challenge.

Complimentary to Geographic Solutions mission, ALISON’s learning platform assists people in educating themselves, thereby creating a more equitable and sustainable society.

The Geographic Solutions GREEN JOBS INITIATIVE is packaged within the Geographic Solutions’ Virtual OneStop® suite of workforce solutions.

Geographic Solutions was one of only 10 Tampa Bay area companies with over 100 employees to be selected as a finalist for the award.

Job Service North Dakota has upgraded the functionality of its Workforce Connection website to a fully integrated case management and labor exchange website.

By any set of standards, the Employ Florida Marketplace — the State of Florida's online destination for job seekers and employers looking for labor exchange services — was a success.

With thousands of job listings extracted from nearly every employer in Florida, finding job opportunities that fit an individual's needs and skills are easily accessed with a few mouse clicks.

The District of Columbia's Department of Employment Services' one-stop centers have received visits from several high-ranking officials and politicians in the past year.

Virtual OneStop 6.0 allows users to match their personal abilities, characteristics, and values with occupations that are best suited to these qualities.

Geographic Solutions' Virtual OneStop is helping workforce development organizations identify and solve their unique problems.