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PALM HARBOR, FL- (April 16, 2009) - Geographic Solutions, Inc. announced its partnership with Ireland-based Advance Learning Interactive Systems Online (ALISON), an e-learning pioneer/supplier of the free online learning. ALISON’s ABC IT package, an online skills package that features Internet and desktop applications training, and ALISON Manager, a related package for trainers and teachers, will be integrated into two key Geographic Solutions products: Virtual OneStop® and Virtual LMI V10, both slated to launch July 2009.

ALISON’s free online learning content covers workplace skills such as IT skills, health and safety compliance, languages, psychometrics and financial and health literacy. The mission of ALISON is to enable anyone, anywhere, to educate themselves for free via self-paced multimedia. ALISON’s courses can be used for certification and standards-based learning. Complimentary to Geographic Solutions mission, ALISON’s learning platform assists people in educating themselves, thereby creating a more equitable and sustainable society.

The news was announced following a breakfast in New York City hosted by Enterprise Ireland, the government agency responsible for driving leadership and growth for innovative Irish companies in international markets. The event was one of several associated with a trade mission to the U.S. led by Ireland’s Prime Minister, Brian Cowen.

“As we experience tightening budgets and increasing unemployment, development of stronger workforce skills is a task of the highest priority, both in the U.S. and abroad,” said ALISON CEO, Mike Feerick. “The key aspect of this deal is that any job or employment consultant working with a U.S. State employment organization will be able to track the learning record on ALISON of any learner introduced by it to the learning service. This will enable case managers with the ability to directly review the learning effort and achievement of those seeking job assistance.”

Deane Toler, Director of Marketing at Geographic Solutions noted that Virtual OneStop and Virtual LMI V10 products will offer multiple workforce benefits to clients and their customers, including the ability to simultaneously register system users on the ALISON e-learning programs. “The combination of these advanced technologies makes it possible for over two million new learners to register on the ALISON system during the first year of integration. “Additionally, employment consultants will be able to track the learning process, make course corrections and monitor effectiveness.”

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