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Geographic Solutions announces the release of the newly enhanced Virtual OneStop Version 6.0. Virtual OneStop 6.0 is the latest advancement in Geographic Solutions' suite of products. Incorporating the most recent workforce technology, this software is available to all new and existing clients. Innovative highlights of the Virtual OneStop 6.0 system include:

  • Additional Job Spiders
  • Enhanced Occupation and Industry Drills (includes O*NET Lay titles)
  • New participant completion rates for educational training programs
  • Advanced Job Order Options
  • Addition of Latest O*NET Data
  • Expanded Occupation, Industry and Area Profiles (with tabular and numeric summary)
  • In-depth Comparison of Industries, Occupations and Area
  • Integration with VOSurvey data
  • Personal Home Page
  • Predictive Performance Reporting
  • New Individual and Employer Reporting options
  • Fund Tracking extensibility with Manage Provider functions and optional Individual Fund Tracking Module
  • Increased staff search criteria capabilities
  • Detailed reports with data display options
  • Enhanced Web Content Management System
  • New Labor Market Facts System (recognizes the top 25 facts and Q&A)
  • Displays data from the new ALMIS data structure, version 2.2
  • Addition of Latest BLS Occupation Outlook Handbook Data

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