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Geographic Solutions announces the release of Version 7.0 of the Virtual LMI labor market information system for the Virginia Employment Commission.

Virtual LMI Version 7.0 utilizes the America's Labor Market Information System (ALMIS) database release 2.3, and includes numerous improvements to the extremely popular Virtual LMI system. These improvements include simplified job search options, and enhanced functionality for data analysts and efficient data access for employers. In addition, the enhanced content management component provides Virginia with the tools to effectively manage the content and its overall look and feel.

Virginia job seekers can access thousands of job listings in the state within VELMA that are aggravated by Geographic Solutions using their advanced job spidering technology. Virtual LMI 7.0 uses this extensive database of advertised jobs to provide both jobseekers and employers with real-time analysis of any local labor market in Virginia. Virtual LMI 7.0 also incorporates highly intelligent occupational search technology of the latest O*NET 7 occupational classifications. Employers can also use the system to review industry trends and find training providers.

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