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he Tennessee Department of Labor & Workforce Development is proud to announce the launch of the new website, The Source. The Source is an in-depth database of employment and industry information designed to assist the public with a wide range of needs from personal career planning to business location planning. It is Tennessee's official information guide for job seekers and employers. The Source contains a wealth of labor market information and was designed with the purpose of providing data to aid in economic analysis and decision making.

The Source is an instant resource for employers, planners, and industrial recruiters to study economic trends and conditions. This easy to use interactive Web site is endowed with an array of employment and unemployment data, area demographics, industry and occupational wage data, current economic indicators, and more. Data are provided not only for the state, but also for different substate areas such as metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs), counties, workforce areas, and special wage survey districts. Along with an abundance of current information, The Source also contains historical and projected data that allow for detailed studies and comparisons.

The Source provides for in-depth independent research. Searches can be made through the JobSeeker module or the Inquiry module. Choosing the pertinent category such as Industry, Labor Force, Economic Indicators, and so on, then accesses data.

For most data, there are several geographic areas that can be displayed at the substate level. Data such as unemployment rates are updated on a regular basis to provide users the most timely and accurate information.

For more information contact the Department of Labor & Workforce Development by telephone at 615-741-3639.

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