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Geographic Solutions' state-of-the-art labor market software was featured in an article on the District of Columbia's DC Analyzer Virtual LMI solution. The front-page article titled Case Study: Bringing Labor Market Information to a Wider Audience was published in the November 2003 Labor Market Trends publication. It detailed the software development, data types, and successful implementation of Geographic Solutions' DC Analyzer Virtual LMI solution. It also discussed beneficial ways that DC's labor market staff uses the system.

In addition, the article mentioned integrated data from a DC metropolitan area labor market survey performed by Geographic Solutions in partnership with Nielsen Media Research, Custom Research Division.

"We are honored to have Geographic Solutions represented in Labor Market Trends," said Paul Toomey, Geographic Solutions' President. "We have had an excellent collaborative relationship with DC's Office of Labor Market Research and Information. The result is a software solution that fits the client's needs very well."

The audience for Labor Market Trends consists of thousands of labor market professionals, workforce leaders, employers, and business owners in the metropolitan Washington, DC area.

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